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The Guardian editor's account of a remarkable musical challenge during an extraordinary year for News.


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  • 12 September 2015

    My friend Claus Moser died on September 4. Many obituaries and tributes have tried to do justice to a remarkable life. He arrived as a refugee - fleeing persecution - in this country in 1936. He rewarded this givingĀ  of sanctuary wth a career of extraordinary public service to the UK. What irony in the timing of his death, with the current British Government so stubbornly mean-minded in giving refuge to the Claus Mosers of today.

  • 30 August 2015

    The big excitement in the Bregenzerwald this year was the bus stops. As in "have you seen the bus stops yet?'" Or "just wait until you've seen the bus stops." Not phrases I had ever heard before.

    The reason for coming to this part of Austria is to listen to music and stride out across the extraordinarily beautiful valleys, woods and mountains. Admiring bus stops was not on the list.

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